Le Péché Gourmand

Le Péché Gourmand


5/5 Dayni Rating

Le Péché gourmand, translating to "sin of gluttony", is a humble little French Patisserie nestled into the heritage main street of my home town, Creswick. It's our special occasion place, and there's a good reason for that! To put it simply, the desserts at this Patisserie are nothing short of impeccable.

Peak behind the scenes of this quaint little building in the earliest hours of the morning, and you'll find Paul, in his element, masterfully crafting the many sweet treats that Le Péché gourmand is famous for. Baguettes, brioche, croquembouche, croissants, eclairs, tartes, millefeuilles and macarons... it's a ritual that he repeats each night, so that come 7:00pm, as the sun rises over the small town of Creswick, he and his wife Marie can welcome their gourmand customers with a smile, and a cabinet full of pastries, just as they have done for the last 6 years.

Each pastry, set with care inside their speciality pastry cabinet, has that quintessential French charm, that almost magical quality that makes them feel way out of your league, yet still comforting and homely. The custards are silken smooth, the pastries buttery and oh so gloriously flakey, and the fragrant flavours are otherworldly. It's the perfect balance of sweet and savoury, the intertwining of technique and heart that makes French pastries the hot commodity that they are, and Marie and Paul have this balancing act down to a fine art. With Maries', having grown up in Saint Philbert de Bouaine France, knowledge of traditional French baking, and Pauls technical skills, they ensure that the pastries of Le Péché gourmands are on point each and every day.

Our Recommendations:

If you're a coffee lover... and even if you're not! Their Coffee Eclair.
Neither hubby or I are coffee drinkers, and yet their coffee eclair is a go to when we visit. I don't think there's been a single time where we've sat down to a cake and cuppa at Le Péché absent one. The choux pastry is light and crispy, just as it should be (there is nothing worse than soggy choux pastry) and the silky smooth coffee creme encased within it is just heaven!

But if you're a lover of all cakes fruity... like me! You can't go past their Tarte amandines.
The Almond meal (of which is a prime ingredient in said Almondines) makes for a crispy, almost pastry-like outer shell, preserving within a soft and slightly chewy, frangipani-scented centre. Top it off with fresh fruit and an irresistibly shiny glaze, and how could one resist?

And you just can't go past a classic! Millefeuille de Vanilla Crème Pâtissière,
or as we Aussies call it, a Vanilla Slice. I know... every country bakery has an 'award-winning' Vanilla Slice, but I promise you, you've never had one as beautifully rich and creamy as Le Péchés'.

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