The Bircher Bar Collaboration

The Bircher Bar Collaboration

I am super excited to announce that I have been asked to collaborate with…

The Bircher Bar Darcy and Scotty

Who are they?

Meet Darcy & Scotty. Two guys that are passionate about amazing food, great people and good times!

With Scotty as the manager and Darcy as the online guru - we are the brains, brawn and beauty (?) behind The Bircher Bar! Some of which, we clearly need help with :)  

We are proud to create and sell brilliant products we truly believe in and count ourselves super lucky to have such an incredible bunch of customers Australia-wide

What they’re about!

The Bircher Bar proudly produces a brilliant range of All-Natural, Hand-Made and Small-Batch Artisan Breakfast Blends - designed to complement and help cultivate any healthy lifestyle! 

We believe in genuine connections and long lasting relationships with our customers and are always looking for better ways to improve this journey!

Have a look around as I'm sure you'll find something you love and don't hesitate to hit us up if you have any questions at all!

Why I’m collaborating with them…

Because they have some absolutely gorgeous products and I for one can't wait to get my hands on them and start playing!!

+ The Bircher Bar has en stated me as an ambassador, which means that I earn a small commission for purchases that originate from my blog! So if you're eyeballing a Bircher Bar product, help a girl our and use the button below, or any of the links in the article to do so. It won't cost you any extra and we'd really appreciate the support <3 

Get the Recipes

Grilled Peach and White Chocolate Bombe Alaska

Grilled Peach and White Chocolate Bombe Alaska

Peach Melba Tart

Peach Melba Tart